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Let’s Make Something Out of Nothing
Champion Independent Artists + Guitar-Loving Musicians

Featured Director: Delaney Bishop

MightyDojo is dedicated to helping Independent Artists & the Creative Community

Giving our Directors a space to challenge their artistic expression while helping Indie Bands/Musicians break-through with music videos at no cost.




The Rules

  1. Bands/Musicians submit their song for consideration for a MIGHTYDOJO SHOW. There’s NO FEE and submission is on a ROLLING BASIS.
  2. The music can be any genre but each song MUST have GUITAR in them.
  3. Every 2 WEEKS we will present 6 SONGS for the public to vote for their favorite.
  4. The TOP 2 will be selected + highlighted as MightyDojo Videos while the rest will go back to a pool of songs to be re-considered at a later date.
  5. In return, the Band/Musician will allow the Director to use the song in a future project they may have. ARTIST HELPING ARTIST.

The Challenge

MightyDojo Directors:

  1. You CAN’T spend any money
  2. You MUST shoot any new footage with a smartphone/iphone
  3. You can USE old footage and existing stock footage
  4. You can USE any other resources, network of friends, and your entire arsenal of imagination + creativity
  5. You DELIVER your video in 2-3 weeks.

Why Guitar?

Guitar sales around the world are in decline. Our beloved guitar makers have faced bankruptcy and massive debt. In the US, sales dropped nearly 30% to about a million guitars a year over the past decade. WE DON’T LIKE THIS TREND.

MightyDojo Directors
+ Visual Artists

+ Are working professionals on top of their game in their respective creative fields
+ Are part of a pool of talent that is highly selective + Invite Only
+ Believe in the power of Music, Guitar, & the Independent Spirit

Spenser T. Nottage

Cinematographer / Artist

Laura Valladao


Lila B.


MightyDojo Team

Van Ditthavong

Founder & CEO

Samir Desai

Managing Director

Jason Perrine

Art Director

Aimie Lovett Sommer

Music Supervisor

Stay Curious. Fight Boring.