Cline Analog – Custom Audiophile Turntables

Brian Cline, owner of Cline Analog, is making some gorgeous custom turntables out of Dallas, TX. Check out his work:

Straight from his site:
From concept to installation, you are involved in the process of creating your Cline Analog custom turntable. I’ll work with you to select from the finest materials to match your taste, and then combine design and high quality components to enhance your listening experience and your home.

My customized turntable builds range from around $600 to over $2500 depending on components and options.

  • Refurbished turntables such as the Rotel or the AR are the most basic level.  These are cleaned, tuned, and given a new wood frame or veneer. They come with a new or used basic cartridge with a new needle.
  • A custom-designed plinth completed with parts from a new or used turntable in excellent condition, such as the Viola is the intermediate level of build.  This includes a new cartridge in the $100-200 range. The Viola started its life as a Project brand turntable.
  • At the high-end, I can create a custom build such as the CA custom design, which includes a new or vintage tone arm in the $600-800 range, a $200-500 cartridge, a high end motor, and full customization of every detail.