How does it really work?

4 songs from bands/musicians are selected for each show from a submission process that is on a rolling basis – which means we accept submissions all through out the year. There is no deadline. So submit today, or tomorrow, or next month!

The 4 finalists will be presented to the public and we will have a two (2) week voting period to select our winner. The song with the most votes/likes will be the winner.

Who gets a music video produced by a MightyDojo Director?

The winner by public voting will get a music video produced by one of our MightyDojo Directors. 

Some shows will also have a Director’s Choice Award where one out of the remaining 3 songs will be selected for a music video as well.

Who decides on the Creative Direction/Concept of the video?

The MightyDojo Director decides on the concept and will use all of their creative energy and resources to make the best video possible given the limitations. They can decide to involve the band or just rely on their own imagination. The band sits back and relaxes until the video is unveiled.

What if I don’t like the video?

The bands/musicians aren’t obligated to use the video at all but it will still be part of our archives on the website and youtube channel. For more details read our terms + conditions.

Who gets the rights to the video?

THE BAND DOES. The band will retain the rights to their song & the music video (crediting the director and MightyDojo for the video) but will give the director and MightyDojo licensing + usage rights for the video for promotional purposes. However, in the spirt of artists helping artists the band will also allow the director to use the song in a future project they may have. For more details read our terms + conditions.

Where does the footage come from?

Director can use old or existing footage, stock, and if they do shoot NEW footage – they must shoot with a smart phone / iPhone. The band can also provide the director pre-existing footage if it fits the director’s creative concept.

Does the band not appear in the video?

Once again – that’ll be up to the director’s vision and inspiration for the video.


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